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UHS-II Test Fixture Set

$4,800.00 each

The A9-UHS2 Test Fixtures enable designers to verify compliance UHS-II host systems and UHS-II card components to the SD Card Association UHS-II PHY Test Specification. The test fixtures provide an SMA interface between UHS-II components and analysis equipment. Transmitter and receiver compliance testing and return loss measurements of UHS-II systems can be achieved using the A9-UHS2 test fixtures.


  • Compliance testing of UHS-II with bus speeds up to 1.56Gb/s.
  • SMA connections for access to D0, D1, and RCLK differential signals.
  • Test point access to legacy SD card signals.
  • Measurement of power consumption of 1.8V and 3.3V on UHS-II cards.
  • Determine power delivery capability of 1.8V and 3.3V on UHS-II host systems.
  • s-parameter file for de-embedding the effects of the test fixture.

 Each test fixture set comes with the following items:

  • A9-UHS2-01 Host Test Fixture
  • A9-UHS2-03 Device Test Fixture
  • Typical s-parameter file for each fixture type
  • Through board for use in calibration
  • Four phase-matched SMA cables
  • User Manual
  • Hard wood carrying case