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Privacy Policy

1. Astek Corporation retains IP address and browser headers submitted during HTTP transactions for logging purposes. Astek Corporation does not intentionally retain any personally idenifying information that may be part of the HTTP transaction other than the IP address. We will not use this information for the purpose of creating mailling lists or sending unsolicited email.

2. For certain purposes Astek Corporation may elect to use cookies or other browser session tracking methods to allow us to associate a persistent state with your browser. You may wish to clear your browser cache and any cookies set, and you are not required to enable cookies to use this website.  

3. Astek will never use Javascript, ActiveX or other technologies to execute code on your browser for the purpose of harvesting information about you, or your computer. Any use of scripting technologies is solely for the purpose of creating a more user-friendly web page. You do not need to have JavaScript enabled to use this website.

4. Astek Corporation may at our option store the text of search strings and search referrals used to access this site. We will not use this information for the purpose of creating mailling lists or sending unsolicited email.

5. Any specific personally identifying information provided to Astek through the use of email or other entry forms on this website may, at our option, be retained for our records and/or provided to partner companies as required to supply products and services to existing customers. We will not use or sell this information for the purposes of creating mailing lists or sending unsolicited email.

6. Astek reserves the right to use a third-party to collect the data referred to above. As of April 2008, this website makes use of statistics gathering services provided by Google Inc., see Google's terms and conditions for privacy policies with regards to data collected by Google.