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QP-SIGKit-SSIB - Signal Integrity Kit

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QP-SIGKit-SSIB consists of the following components. Each component may also be purchased individually.

  • Option -a -- consists of the following: QP-SSIB Control board, QP-SIA, QP-SSIB-TF-4, QP-SSIB-6-TF, QP-SMA24, QP-SMA26 and QP-DVM
  • Option -b -- consists of the following: Everything in option -a plus QP-SSIB-9-TF and QP-SMA29

QP-SIA - Signal Integrity Application

QP-SIA and associated SSIB Controller provides facilities to test Data/Strobe signaling using an automated process. QP-SIA implements the 1394 Trade Association’s Base 1394 Test Suite Definitions required signal integrity tests (Jitter, Skew, Rise/Fall Time and Amplitude). QP-SIA supports multi-port and single port implementations. For automated testing QP-SIA requires MS-Excel (Office 2003 or newer) and GPIB or Ethernet. National Instruments GPIB support is recommended. Please contact QP for the lastest list of supported oscilloscope models from Agilent, LeCroy, and Tektronix.


QP-SSIB4, 6 or 9 - TF - Signal Integrity Board with 4, 6 or 9 pin connector

QP-SSIB-4, 6, and 9 enable easy connection of oscilloscope probes to 4, 6 or 9-pin 1394 devices for debug and signal integrity testing.


 QP-DVM - Termination and Common Mode Load test fixture

QP-DVM allows easy connection between the Device Under Test (DUT) and an Ohm meter. Simply connect an ohm meter to QP-DVM then use the selector switch to measure TPA, TPB termination or TPB Common Mode Load.

QP-SMA24, 6 or 9 - SMA connector to 4, 6 or 9 pin 1394 connector

QP-SMA24, 6 or 9 pin 1394 connector allows easy connection of the Device Under Test (DUT) to a TDR or signal generator.