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Interconnect Tester

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Astek Corporation's Interconnect Tester (QP-ICT) provides the ability to test one (1) to five (5) interconnects simultaneously. An interconnect could be a cable, cable with slip-ring, or a series of devices that include a 1394 PHY. Each QP-ICT connection provides outputs with amplitude control. Each output is individually calibrated and controlled for maximum configurability. Each port transmits packets to the IEEE-1394b bus and receives data from the IEEE-1394b bus. Each packet is verified by the receiver of the packet. Two models of QP-ICT are available: the QP-ICT-4 supports S100, S200, and S400 testing and the QP-ICT-8 supports S400 and S800 testing. The default configuration for the QP-ICT is capacitive coupled.

Astek's Interconnect Tester (QP-ICT) is built upon a scalable platform with the VersaPHYTM Backchannel and is targeted at IEEE-1394b testing. Engineered to conveniently test up to 5 cables simultaneously, the SQT automates all testing and generates a summary report at the conclusion of each test. The QP-ICT Test System requires Windows 7.