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A90112-DRV - DriveDoctor

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The A90112-DRV was designed to easily test any drive’s major functions (Link speed & width) and performance (IOPs and Data Rate) within minutes.  The A90112-DRV allows the drive to be tested either in or out of a drive bay carrier, thus eliminating the costly labor of removing/re-inserting drives from/to carriers during troubleshooting.  Within minutes of removing a drive from an enclosure, the A90112-DRV can quickly provide basic information such as the drive type, port width(s), port speeds, manufacturer, model number, serial number, storage capacity, types of partitions and their corresponding format.  

The Astek A90112-DRV Test platform supports the SAS, SATA, and PCIe (NVMe) protocols.  The A90112-DRV has three different Test PODs that allow the traditional 2.5” and 3.5” form factor (8639DS) along with M.2 and PCIe CEM form factors.   The A90112-DRV supports Gen 3 12Gbps SAS (x2), 6Gbps SATA, and 8Gbps PCIE NVMe (x1, x2, x4, 2x2).